CNC Machine Tool Repair and Rebuilding

We service machine shops in the Greater Philadelphia area

Servicing Machine Tools in Delaware Valley

Bostock-CNC provides servicing of multi-axis CNC lathes, vertical turret lathes, machining centers, bridge mills, boring mills of several popular machine tool makers, and models.

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Emergency Repair & Rebuilding

  • Drives and Servo Motor repairs
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Spindle repair and rebuilds
  • Turret re-alignment
  • Headstock re-alignment
  • Table re-alignment
  • Automatic tool changer repair
  • Scraping and slide repair
  • Automatic pallet changer repair
  • Ball screw reconditioning
  • Repair and reconditioning of way-covers
  • Replacement of Teflon way lubes lines and restrictors

Machine Tool Inspection Services

Keeping your machine tools in good working condition starts and ends with proper alignment. The value of this small investment cannot be overstated. Machine tools lacking proper alignment and pitch error compensation are not fully productive. Over time, these errors become magnified in the form of faulty machine operation and substandard parts.

We recommend a baseline reading of alignment for all service work and regular checks and adjustments as part of any ongoing preventive maintenance program.

  • Machine tool inspection
  • Machine tool leveling
  • Machine tool calibration
  • Troubleshooting problem areas
  • Laser alignment
  • Laser compensation
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Machine Tool Purchase & Replacement

We assist you in specifying as well as selecting new and used machinery. We understand your production needs and strive to suggest the right equipment that you may require for efficient production. We provide you with a good perspective on your decision-making process.


Machine Tool Relocation

Every machine tool, except the most massive built-in giants, has a productive life and can be expected to be moved once in its lifetime. The changing logistics of the plant dictates the movement of machinery. We relocate your machine on time, efficiently, and ensure that it returns to full pre-relocation productivity. We achieve this with the least downtime amount of interference with normal plant floor activities.